The Sunshine Blogger Award

Aww man… I thought that this was a fun read between great professionals and sisters in Christ.  I really recommend this fun read. 

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I Don’t Want To Wag My Tale.  Bring Back Sentiment To Blogging.

 Maybe I am the only one that feels this way about the blogosphere but blogging has become more and more mechanical and losing it’s finest that made it so charmingly delightful.

I can’t place my finger on the moment where blogging which was so mysterious and intriguing lost it inability to connect with the commoner but in my opinion it has left us.

The commoner who loves to read about vacations and view photos of and places, family and friends.  The commoner who loves to check and scan through the reader for human moments….

And you know sometimes, I feel like the consumer who has just realized that the secretary that answered the phone has just been replaced by an automated system.😲😲😢😢😭😭

UGH….COME On Man…Can I speak to a human

Important is the human touch in the life of a child.  Katherine Harmon wrote an article in Scientific American and she said, 

The stark institutional isolation prevalent in the orphanages of some countries might have mostly melted away decades ago, but many babies and young children all over the world still grow up in environments where touch and emotional engagement are lacking. Many children who have not had ample physical and emotional attention are at higher risk for behavioral, emotional and social problems as they grow up. 

And I believe important is the human touch in the life of a blog and a successful blogosphere . 

However, frighteningly enough this is how I feel concerning the blogosphere today. We have become so self absorbed and mechanical in our interactions towards posting our great creations that we have lost that human element.

The blog reader has become like an orphanage that has lost its ability to interact with its children in order to preserve the human touch.

I have gone on other sites only to witness a dumping ground for blogs and videos.  People have become so consumed by their own self imaged that they have forgotten the blog community.

 Does anyone really read other people’s blogs anymore? Or do we just drop off and walk away never to think of anyone else’s plight? Just something to think about! Hmm…what could it be?🤔🤔

The Three Commandments Of Blogging:

  1. Don’t write blogs you aren’t willing to read.
  2. Be considerate to your readers and don’t write a book.
  3. Share your platform and the blogs you love with others.

    So in conclusion, we need to bring back community in blogging.  Don’t just blog for what you can get out of it! Don’t just be mechanical but do unto others as you would have them to do unto you.

    There is nothing wrong with self promotion…I love it but if you are the only general that can make for a very lonely existence.

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    Are We Grounded By The Word ?

    Life has a tendency to challenge our footing with God.  We can become busy, distracted, hurt, angry or frustrated with our progress. 

    However, if we are not grounded we might find ourselves floating away from God.  We may find ourselves drifting from his purpose and will for our lives.

    Normally floating is a gradual process.  When we begin to float our convictions are not as strong and the areas where I wouldn’t compromise I become more progressive.

    We must guard against floating because it can be very harmful for us. 

     The way we guard against floating is anchoring ourselves in the word of God.  We must literally ground ourselves.

    We does grounding look like?  That’s a great question.  The Bible uses words like flee, phrases like guard your heart, submit to God, resist the Devil.  When we take on this posture we allow the word of God to start grounding us.

    The Word acts like tent pegs and fasten our minds, focus, priorities and spirit in the soil of God.  We use the Biblical phrases often, “Becoming Rooted and Grounded in Christ.”

    So the next time you feel yourself floating ground yourself in God’s word and prayer and I promise you, you will be like a tree…extremely hard to move.