Pursuing Your Passion

On this Impact Moment for 1min and 30seconds I speak briefly about pursuing your passion.  Life is made of two kinds of people those that pursue and those that procrastinate.  If we are going to be effective let’s pursue our passion.  

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Thanks and God Bless.

Are We Grounded By The Word ?

Life has a tendency to challenge our footing with God.  We can become busy, distracted, hurt, angry or frustrated with our progress. 

However, if we are not grounded we might find ourselves floating away from God.  We may find ourselves drifting from his purpose and will for our lives.

Normally floating is a gradual process.  When we begin to float our convictions are not as strong and the areas where I wouldn’t compromise I become more progressive.

We must guard against floating because it can be very harmful for us. 

 The way we guard against floating is anchoring ourselves in the word of God.  We must literally ground ourselves.

We does grounding look like?  That’s a great question.  The Bible uses words like flee, phrases like guard your heart, submit to God, resist the Devil.  When we take on this posture we allow the word of God to start grounding us.

The Word acts like tent pegs and fasten our minds, focus, priorities and spirit in the soil of God.  We use the Biblical phrases often, “Becoming Rooted and Grounded in Christ.”

So the next time you feel yourself floating ground yourself in God’s word and prayer and I promise you, you will be like a tree…extremely hard to move.

Guest Yecheilyah PBS Blog Podcast on Making An Impact Christian Podcast Show 

This podcast is by Yecheilyah she is an Author, Blogger, and Poet.   Check out her podcast.  I am one that believe we should share our platform so enjoy.