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We live in a time where the populous is moving away from God. 

Though our money says, “In God We Trust” it seems that more and more people would rather trust themselves then trust God.

Mike Anthoni in Stand With God tries to make the case that it is better to walk with God then to walk away with the crowd.

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What Does It Take To Become A Finisher?


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We had an interview with Businesswoman, Executive, Mother, Wife and Accomplished Organist Nicole Walker. 

We had a conversation on “What Does It Take To Become A Finisher.”

One very important ingredient to success is having the will and know how to be a good finisher.  

We also in this interview discussed how to build a good resume and how to interview well.  To listen to the entire interview click the link below.

Link: Interview with Nicole Walker

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Happy International Podcast Day!!!

Happy International Podcast Day!  A big shout to my fellow Pocdcasters, listeners and future podcasters.

 I think it is a great responsibility to be able to speak in the lives of others.  On this day let us be watchful of our words…Knowing that “life and death is in the power of the tongue.” 

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Looking For Testimonials For My Podcast. Episode 9 Overcoming Discouragement 

Creating a new Podcast on Overcoming Discouragement. I am looking for some testimonials of how you handled and overcame discouragement or how you are still dealing with it?

Can I use your responses in my Podcast?  

If you submit a response I will need your written consent in the comments to read or play your recording in the episode.

I wanted to get your view on what it takes to overcome discouragement?
Here are the Questions:

 What is discouragement in your opinion?

 How do we as believers handle discouragement?

 And as Christian’s how should we?

  What some of the effects that discouragement causes in your life?

 How can we stop from becoming discouraged?

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